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Dyad Teams up with Dallas’ #1 Meal Prep Company

By April 9, 2018 No Comments


Clean, healthy eating has blown up the past couple of years—and to no surprise. GMOs, antibiotics and other unnecessary additives have caused a nationwide panic. It’s not just about the kind of food we’re putting into our bodies anymore; it’s now about what’s being put into these foods before we consume them.

In addition to searching for high-quality foods, finding the time to cook and prepare nutritious meals every week is next to impossible with everyday errands and responsibilities, plus a 40-hour work week.


Dallas Prep Kitchen (DPK) is here to change all of that. Launched early this year, DPK aims to calm the panic and simplify people’s daily lives with what they call “Basics in Bulk,” and we couldn’t be more excited to help them with their mission to revolutionize eating as we know it.

Kyle Clark, the founder of DPK and an expert in fitness and health, has taken on what most of us are too busy to solve ourselves: a sustainable, long-term way of eating that transforms the way we view, think about and tackle our health and well-being.


You no longer have to spend hours each week shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning up. DPK lets you order all of your proteins, carbs and vegetables in bulk amounts. Plus, they’ll cook them for you in 24 oz. portions, which amounts to about 4-6 meals.

With high-quality lean protein, GMO-free carbs and fresh vegetables picked daily, DPK takes the worry out of what we’re putting into our bodies so we can focus more on creating a lifestyle that supports our weight loss and fitness goals.

You can order enough food for a couple of days or for the whole week; DPK’s flexible ordering process makes stressful meal planning a thing of the past.


From DPK’s brand identity and website to its packaging design and promotional materials, we’ve created an overall brand look, feel, voice and ordering process that you won’t find anywhere else in Dallas.

To check out some of the work we did for DPK, click here. Interested in working with us? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 214.549.1326.