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Dallas’ Largest Creative Hub Re-Brands

By April 30, 2018 No Comments
Dallas Creative Space

Any time you visit Dallas, there are three defining features you can’t miss—numerous company headquarters; restaurants serving food from practically every area of the world; and an eclectic art scene spanning from contemporary to modern.

While the bustling city is home to one of the most sophisticated collector markets in the world, you’ll find the largest and oldest North Texas artist community all in one place: Dallas CreativeSpace.


For more than 30 years, Dallas CreativeSpace has been the site of countless exhibits featuring work by more than 60 local North Texas artists.

Twice a year, the business hosts Open Studios where a variety of pieces are showcased in a gallery format, providing Dallas natives and beyond with a taste of North Texas culture as its population—and art consciousness—grows and evolves.

While it was once referred to as Continental Gin Studios, after the Continental Gin Building was no longer available to host the Open Studios, the business’ owners came to Dyad with the goal of rebranding their space so that no matter where they are, their brand remains flexible.


After the rebrand was complete, it was time to launch their first Open Studios as Dallas CreativeSpace. From event promotion to design, we helped the creative hub recapture its audience by celebrating the infusion of artistic expression that has united the North Texas community more than three decades.

Whether you’re an established artist or a novice wanting to break into the scene, Dallas CreativeSpace offers a chance to not only display your work, but also network with some of the best creative talent in the area.

To learn more about Dallas CreativeSpace, click here. Interested in a rebrand or our other marketing services? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 214.549.1326.